About Mumanist

Mumanist evolved through Laura’s and Rebecca’s shared interest and passion in chatting openly and honestly about all things Motherhood and Feminism. 

Laura and Rebecca are both Mums and count themselves as Feminists. Hence, Mum..a…nist.

Their purpose is to help mothers feel more confident and connected through the power of great conversation. Motherhood changes everything for women yet this isn’t recognised let alone appreciated. We’re not encouraged to consider what all this change means for us as individuals.

Today’s culture and society tells us to simply bounce back. Carry on as if nothing has changed! And that leaves us feeling lost and confused. 

Laura and Rebecca want to open up the conversation via the Mumanist Podcast. To chat about what it means to be a modern-day mother so mothers can feel less lost, overwhelmed and alone.

Through honest shares and expert opinions on some topics too they aim to encourage you to explore your thoughts and feelings on all things motherhood so you can feel more empowered, certain and sure of your opinions, the everyday choices and the bigger life decisions you need to make. So you can feel more in control and find more joy in motherhood too.

The Mumanist Podcast is for you whether you want to feel less alone, feel more empowered or just get curious and join in the conversation.

meet laura

My journey to motherhood wasn’t easy, I was originally told I wouldn’t be able to conceive children naturally. Then nature had other ideas and I am now a Mum of 3… all conceived naturally.

Having wanted children for so long, I thought it was all going to be so wonderful and amazing and it knocked me for six. My first birth was immensely traumatic, my second child was allergic to dairy and never slept and my third child was a toddler in lockdown. All 3 of my children are either diagnosed or on the pathway to diagnosis for different neuro divergent diagnosises. Amidst juggling all of the needs of my family, I felt like at some point I lost me.

I have worked for 20+ years in marketing and being a creative person I have always loved it. Perhaps naively, I never expected it to impact my career so much. Once stating I would never give up my career when I became a Mum and in the end felt like I didn’t have a choice and had to carve out a new path.

Taking a career break I began blogging and it kind of accidentally became a career for me. As life has evolved, I began to combine my blogging and social media skills with my marketing experience to grow my own business. Working with small businesses to help them improve their marketing and it’s something I absolutely love doing.

Through blogging as well as sharing my motherhood journey, I also became a passionate advocate of women’s rights. Which led me to take part in the Government’s Roadmap to Equality in Westminster in 2019. I feel so strongly that we should be striving for gender equality for the well-being of all members of society. But also that women’s rights, needs and role in society needs to be acknowledged and spoken about more.

Meet Rebecca

I truly believed that I could just add motherhood to the list of things I did. That adding the role of Mum to the list of Wife, daughter, and friend would be easy. How mistaken was I!

Motherhood rocked my world in so many ways. It was amazing, yet terrifying! And so much harder and more lonely than I could ever have imagined. I felt completely overwhelmed, out of control and out of my depth. And I wondered what was wrong with me to feel this way!

I was determined to enjoy it more than I was! So I decided to find out if anyone else felt like I did. I learned through books, blogs, podcasts and life coaching courses that they did! 

A whole world of Matrescence education opened up to me. I am grateful for the opportunity to study to become a Mama Rising Coach and facilitator with Amy Taylor Kabbaz, a Seasons of Matrescence Educator and Guide with Nikki McCahon and to spend time with Dr Sophie Brock and many other amazing matrescence activists within her motherhood Visionaries group which met until 2023.

I absolutely love guiding women to get their zest for life back and feel “Free to Be Me” through my coaching and “Dream & Do” Vision Board course and community. Both of these programs I run help women to work out who they are right now, how to love their life as it is and to feel super excited for their future by deciding what they want to come next too. 

I hope you enjoy the conversation and I look forward to chatting to you via all our social media channels soon